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Loading and Unloading service

Gati house shifting have a professional Loading and Unloading team with well experience. We have been open for packing and moving business since 1998. Gati house shifting and Packing has been providing the most skillful and professional load services across the nation for over a decade. During that time gati house shifting has achieved a 95.87% customer satisfaction rate.

Gati house shifting is not just any another loading company; our load services are all the time represent by experienced and highly trained professionals who have the proper knowledge how to get the work done right but give more attention, in the loading and unloading for safety and protection.

Honesty and trust worthy

Every skillful truck loader is well trained in loading services with no less than five years experience in loading and unloading everything from international or domestic containers, Containers to rental trucks . As with all our available services, they are always included in with our assured all over India flat rate quote. Gati house shifting will never endow you with an estimate that will secrete with any type of hidden costs; we give only guaranteed fixed rate quotes for all of our unloading and loading services.

Do not patch up for just any truck loader and unloader or unloading and loading service company; you want the most skillful expert and honest loading services, a company that is trustable, honest and that provides you with guaranteed fixed rate quote from start to end.

Loading Process:

* After arrival, the loading team will examine the load and arrange the proper sequence method of storage.
* Load will be cellophane wrapped and boxed under only Packing of Gati house shifting terms and details
* Once all loads have been properly collected, professional loaders will then safely and carefully load onto the set transport like truck trailor, container, etc.
* During loading our professionals make sure that all the items load in sequence and proper manner. Before departure customers have to pay whole payment.
* Arrival at destination our unloading Team will unload set container, truck trailor, etc. and will proceed to unpack and unwrap all your items for safety check.
* Once all the unloading has been done them our professionals rearrange all the major items like refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, beds, etc. Then we ask for customer feed back.

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