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Get A Quote For Shift Your Vehicle And Consignment.


Let's face it: Unless you're a minimalist, moving is one of the biggest household chores out there, and it can be hugely overwhelming. But if you can get a head start and stay organized, you should get through this mammoth process unscathed and be ready to enjoy your new home. Here are 21 tips for preventing day rose.

1 Get organized early

Don't leave anything until the last minute. Unless you have to pack up and leave in a hurry, chances are you have between 30 and 60 days to make a plan and make sure the move day runs smoothly. Create a countdown list and specify everything you need to accomplish week by week.


2 Determine your relocation strategy

How are you going to get from point A to point B on moving day? For shorter moves, you should gather some really nice truck friends or consider renting a truck for the day. If you have a large family to relocate or you are moving a long distance, you will want to praise moving companies.

3 Keep your movers informed

Boxes are one thing, but when you get your hands on the big, heavy stuff it's important to let your movers know what to expect. “Communicate with your moving company and explain all requirements and expectations before booking,” advises Gati Packers and movers, founder and current president of Gati Packers and movers. “Your mover needs to be aware of all those little details to estimate your total move time and cost, and have the right equipment. That includes informing the company about overweight items (ie, a piano or refrigerator), access restrictions (small elevator, walking only, narrow driveway), and whether you need help with disassembling or reassembling furniture.


4 Choose the right transport

If you're moving a short distance, you may be able to get away with taking more than one trip. But if you don't have that luxury, you need to make sure you have the right size truck to pack your stuff in one sitting. "Choosing the right size is especially important when going further afield as multiple trips can be a problem," says Andrew, who recommends the following guidelines when determining the size of your truck:

• Generally, single and one-bedroom apartments will fit in a 16 "cube cart available from your local rental company.

• Two to three fully furnished bedrooms require a 24 "-26" truck to make sure your move is completed in one charge.

• The contents of most houses can be moved in the same 24 "truck with one or two trips.

5 Take the opportunity to purify

Moving is a great opportunity to organize your belongings and get rid of items you no longer use. If the time of year permits, hold a yard sale. Or take the time to sort and donate softly worn clothing to Goodwill, list furniture for sale on a site like, recycle old magazines and catalogs, and shred old documents.


6 Assemble a pack

If more than one person is packing, stay organized by setting up a system. Provide empty inventory sheets so that one person can tackle each area or room. Arm each pack with a pen, black marker, and packing materials such as newspapers, packing tape, and boxes