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Covid-19 Guidlines

During health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic,

  • test of whole staff on regular basis.
  • During packing and moving employees should sit at least 6 ft away from each other.
  • Sanitising all the goods before packing
  • Sanitising all the good after delivery
Note : - 500 charges for sanitising


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So gati decided to give special concession for defence. We have regular clients of army,navy,marine and air force.proud to serve our brave worrier.

Get A Quote For Shift Your Vehicle And Consignment.

Packing and Moving Services

When it come up with packing up all the valuable goods in your house or office, use carefulness. If you don’t use the correct packing products, your valuable belongings can easily break during transportation.

One of the major mistakes that individuals make is using used carton's boxes. These are boxes that have been used before in various applications. After multiple uses, the structure of a crumpled box weaken. Idea you might think your super strong duct tape can hold edges together, it’s possible that the lower part could break out if little weight is placed inside.

Another huge mistake is using less and inappropriate packing materials. Because of poor packing and wrapping, glass, antiques, pottery, and many other fragile items might break during the relocation.

Gati house shifting packers and movers in Delhi NCR will pack and even unpack all your valuable goods to make it simple for you. We bring premium packing and moving material and equipment and we are trained in the company with the excellent packing techniques. Hiring a moving and packing company to pack and unpack save plenty of time and make sure that each and every item gets to your new location in the exact same condition that it was packed.


Acknowledge the ways that gati house shifting packing and moving company can help with the job of packing, unpacking and even rearranging the major items that you have.


Gati house shifting and Packers and movers provide full packing services. Just as the account implicate, with a full pack, we pack everything within your home. This comprise going room by room to pack up cabinets, drawers, and each and every items that you will tell us to pack.


You may also need partial packing, in which you only get help with your valuable items or areas where you need the packing most. This could be your home office, bathroom, library, drawing room or kitchen, and with soft valuable items like computer system, antiques, glass appliances, flat screen TV, and other fragile items.

FURNITURE Disassembling & Reassembling

Furniture disassembling and reassembling also makes life simple for you. The packers and movers come in to disassemble the beds, table, decoration items, bookcases, other furniture, and many other items which can be disassemble and then reassemble them when they arrive at your new location.


If you know some items are not going to go directly to your new location, you can order us to professionally pack them for storage. This will make sure that each and every item is packed so that it can be stored in our secured and safe warehouse or self storage unit where we provide separate and shared storage facilities according to your requirements.

It is completely comprehensible that you are not a specialist in packing. Rather than wasting your precious time in packing up your office or home stuff, it’s easier to let a well trained expert packing and moving company do it for you. We have the equipments, supplies and the experience to take superb care of your valuable belongings. Let us pack as much as you wish so that it’s one less thing for you to stress about. We are verified and certified and recognise by the government of India, we provide excellent packing and Moving service at very reasonable charges in Delhi NCR. Get a free quote.